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Onigiri experiments

(Just as a warning, please remeber that K's bento posts are always/often horribly backlogged. So, please forgive me for the fact that the post ahead is about something that I made some time last year... T_T)

Alright, with that out of the way, here we go with the actual post!

Anyway, last year, I bought a couple of onigiri molds which I immediately decided to experiment with. Of course, the first few batches were either too loose, too wobbly or was a weird blob shape, but I think that I finally managed to get it under control after a while. I was also rather poor at that time (I still am, I think), so instead of using furikake and the like, I had to make do with whatever I had at home which were just things that can be bought at any old, plain grocery.

Anyhoo... the onigiris are:

- (the brown one) tonkatsu sauce, plus basil, and a hotdog center (my boyfriend doesn't like umeboshi much... ^_^;;;)
- (The pink one) shredded umeboshi, some mayonnaise, a hotdog center
- (star, kuma and heart-shaped) just a tiny bit of salt, mayonnaise and cheese.

The rest of the bento box contains an extra umeboshi for me, chocolate wafer biscuits, and some sweet/sour star candy. :)

Anyway, considering that I spend the day chasing after jeepneys and cabs, I wasn't confident that the onigiris would keep their shape throughout the whole, bumpy commute. So, I wrapped each one in some cling wrap, and it worked out okay (as an afterthought, though, just make sure that the rice, as I did in this instance, is at room temp when you wrap it like this. I have a feeling that wrapping it while still warm and while it still produces condensation may cause the rice to spoil...). Another bonus to wrapping it up first is that it was more convenient for my boyfriend to eat as besides just being able to pick it up without getting his fingers sticky, the plastic is there to catch the rice in case the rice ball DOES break apart. Haha!

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