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Yes, this is the long-overdue update which I have been putting off for the past month or so. Hehe... I've been lazy, I know. Anyway, my current dilemma is that my camera has broken down and I am yet to get a replacement. This, of course, translates to a lot of made bentos and other food things which I couldn't document. The only good part is that I somehow managed to get several last few shots of stuff before my camera completely broke down, so I'm not completely devoid of material. Yet. ^_^;;

In any case, I just wanted to post pics of my latest bento box. I found it while my boyfriend and I were browsing one of the many garage sales which surround the building that we live in. It was stuffed under a thick carpet, beside a triangular stainless steel teapot, and on top of a stack of vinyls.

It DOES look quite similar to that other red bento set that I have, except that this one has two layers and is square. This one also doesn't have a carrier of its own, but I use a piece of purple rope to secure the layers together, and I have to admit that it's effective and it looks great, too.

Hehe... I can't help it. I have such a weakness for boxes of this type, and if I only had more space here at our apartment, maybe I'd even consider actively going out to get more of these things. I consider it a good buy, though, since it's still dirt-cheap, and I do love making a lot of food that I can bring to my parents' or a friend's place. Plus, I can always use it as an accessory or trinket box in case I feel that I don't want to use it for food anymore (though I highly doubt that).

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