Tanuki no Bento! (tanuki_no_bento) wrote,
Tanuki no Bento!

Hot meal on a stormy day

A typhoon struck in our country a couple of weeks ago, and due to the semi-crisis that we had at our apartment that day, we were just plain cold, hungry and exhausted that day as well as the next.

The next day, my boyfriend and I pretty much just stayed home to recover from the previous day's exhaustion, so no bento then, and just a home meal made from whatever I could grab from the ref and some leftovers...

Hot rice, tamagoyaki, tulip hotdogs, asparagus and mixed vegetables in some sauce which I have now forgotten about... I'm pretty sure it was some white sauce that I made for dinner the night before... and some kani slices for garnish. ^_^;;

Blurry pics due to tired hands. :p

Tags: eggs, meat, non-bento, vegetables
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