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K's food haunts #1

Phew! It's been a while since I made any updates on this blog. Hehe... I got lazy/busy, and now I have a whole stash of photos that still need to be posted, as well as numbers of unwritten entries floating around in my head and itching at night. So, anyway, I'm back! Moving on, I'd like to start sharing some of the food places that we love, and to get the ball rolling on that thought, here you go...

The Soup Kitchen, Glorietta

As mentioned in a previous post, my boyfriend and I had dinner at one of our favorite food places, The Soup Kitchen. As the name suggests, the place specializes in yummy and filling soups. They also serve sandwiches, salads, soup in bread bowls, various types of bread to go with the soup, as well as soup with rice.

The prices of the food here are reasonable, with a full bowl of soup, or a half bowl with half a sandwich (choose from tuna, chicken or ham and cheese) costing 140 pesos, which is equivalent to a little less than US$3. For a tasty meal, the price isn't bad since it's pretty much worth it, considering the fact that these guys don't scrimp on ingredients. For example, the latest meal that we had consisted of Snow Crab (crab meat in cream cheese soup!) and Seafood Chowder, and both delivered the crab meat (and cream cheese!!!) and the seafood that was promised on the menu. We'd eat here more often if we weren't so poor. Haha!

Mmm... I've always believed that we should have more restaurants like this which serves something that isn't just nutritious, but stuff that also fall within the "comfort food" category. I dunno, but there's just something very calming and satisfying about just spacing out (or contemplating the universe... whatever floats your boat, really) while enjoying a tasty bowl of soup.

Maybe it's just Pavlovian conditioning and all that, but in our dictionary, soup = cozy, warm, fuzzy feeling, = the world is a better place again.

We can't wait to go back there one of these days, especially during this season when the weather is starting to get chilly and all. :)

Hehe... this is my first post about stuff like this, and now I'm kicking myself for not taking more detailed photos of the place. Oh well. Lesson learned.
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