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Tanuki no Bento!'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Tanuki no Bento!

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New bento boxes. <3 [30 Sep 2006|02:13pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Love me little. Love me long.

... or so says the cover of my new polka dot bento boxes. Got them when I met up with my parents at a nearby mall a couple of weeks ago. Sigh. I haven't seen them in months and they were late again, so I ended up shopping. One reason why I don't like it when people are late... it literally costs me money. Hehehe... all for a good cause, though.

My first batch of blue bento boxes, and my first pink one, too (I'm just not a pink kind of person...).

Meanwhile, the pink putifresh box claims that "Happy fruits is very delicious. I will eat this and will become fortunate all together."

Gotta love Engrish, sometimes. Hehe.

More pics, aka, me admiring my new bento boxes.Collapse )

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Curry Croquette bento [28 Sep 2006|07:43am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Sleepy today...

Bento made some time ago. Last week, I think (I'm always delayed with posting photos... meh.)

- Rice with some nori and furikake
- Curry croquette with tonkatsu sauce on a bed of chinese lettuce, and some shredded kani with a dollop of mayonaise, and some mixed vegetables.

more picsCollapse )

*back to sleep*

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Err... fences bento? [20 Sep 2006|02:54am]
Rice with nori strips and furikake
Shrimp-flavored Dria sauce + shredded kani + mixed veggies + naruto slices

This is a weird bento since when I made it, I'm pretty sure I had a good reason as to why I cut up the nori in strips. And then, oddly, as I was preparing the bento itself, I realized that I forgot why I did what I did with the nori... O_o;;; So, just so it doesn't go to waste, the only thing I can think of doing was a criss-cross pattern... then I thought it sort of looked like a fence so I added furikake so that it has "ground". I felt like a four-year-old with a marker (ooh... circle... circle... hey, I made an "8"!! Yay!!).

The Dria/Doria sauce (if that's what's it called...), it was my first time to use it since it was just one of the items that I was curious with the last time I went shopping. It tasted good, and my boyfriend said that he'd like more of it in the future. Hmm...

Lolz. Oh well.

8 pics under the cut... hehe.Collapse )

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Rush, rush, rush.... [17 Sep 2006|11:51am]
Another quick one.

Rice + Furikake
Curry + Mixed veggies + egg (my kuma eggs are still earless...)
Chocolate-filled marshmallows.

2 pics + corned beef. Hehe.Collapse )

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First bento with sauce container. [14 Sep 2006|12:10pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Lolz. Yep, it's my first chance to use sauce containers after having hunted them for so long. I only have fish and square containers right now, so I'm now hoping to get the ichigo-shaped ones soon. Hehehe...

Even though I knew that it needs to suck water in and then squeeze it out again, I never knew they were kinda hard to clean...

Anyway, just a simple one...

Rice and corned beef with a bit of basil and salt on the rice, some cream croquettes, sandwiched in between the croquettes is a container of soy sauce for the Kisu fry (fish) that the croquettes are resting on. And some marshmallows. Those things have pink hearts on them, so it's really too bad that it doesn't show in the photo. :/ Oh well.

5 pics under the cut. So I got excited...Collapse )

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Virtual Field Trip To Hatchin! [11 Sep 2006|05:49pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Many people have already asked me where I shop for my bento supplies and ingredients and I've always referred them to our favorite J-grocery, Hatchin. Ofcourse, stiff like vegetables and eggs are still bought at the local grocery, but items like nori, furikake, tonkatsu sauce and the like are from Hatchin. Then there's also the local malls that occassionally may or may not have what I'm looking for, but that's too much of a hit-and-miss thing to talk about.

Anyway, I've long been talking about taking pictures of the stuff they sell at Hatchin (such as Hello Kitty cheese), but it's only now that I actually got to do it.

So, go on and have a look!

Hatchin Entrance

Irasshaimase~! 18 pics under the cutCollapse )

I actually wanted to take more pictures since there was a whole bunch of other things that I wanted to show, but I got a little shy so I put my camera away. Hehe...

That's it for now.

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Asparagus Stir-Fry Bento [10 Sep 2006|10:52am]
My boyfriend recently requested for vegetables in his bento, so I decided to make this asparagus stir-fry that he likes. It's a pretty simple recipe that I sort of made on the fly, and, well, he likes it so I took note of it so I can do it again.

In the meantime, I made the mistake of putting okonomiyaki furikake on top of the whole thing. It looked yummy in real life, but I didn't realize that it would look fuzzy in the pictures and it would sort of look like mold... O_O;;

Speaking of okonomiyaki furikake, I used it a couple of nights ago to make onigiri. So, mixing it with mayo, tonkatsu sauce and a bit of salt and pepper on plain rice, it sort of tasted like okonomiyaki, except in riceball form. Hehe... Forgot to take pics though, so you'll have to take my word for it for now.

In any case, here's my bento which is too shy to reveal its fuzzy contents (plus the rice was too plain). It shows it's chocolate-filled marshmallows instead.

2 pics of contents + recipe under the cutCollapse )

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Shopping! [07 Sep 2006|02:57pm]
Yep, it's my only day off in a week, and how do I spend it? Shopping, ofcourse! Lolz. Well, not really since we're actually still poor. Not broke anymore, but not quite rich just yet. Anyway, I dropped by a different J-grocery in our area a couple of hours ago, and lucky me, today was the last day of a sale where everything was priced at 50 pesos~! They weren't about to expire either. The owner simply thought that it was about time for a sale. Hehehe...

I bought four things that I can't wait to eat! They're mostly the stick-in-the-microwave-and-serve variety, but they're still yummy! One of them is a pack of Okonomiyaki furikake, and though I have no intention of using it on okonomiyaki since I have no room to cook one in, I do have different ideas on how to use it though, so watch out for it. I'm just happy because the stuff that I got normally cost around 120 pesos each at the J-grocery we normally go to.

And curry! We have curry!


A couple of more pics of the stuff I boughtCollapse )

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Kani Omelette Bento [07 Sep 2006|02:17pm]
The last time that I was shopping at out favorite Japanese Grocery, they had freebies at the counter. I didn't exactly know what it was since all I could make out was the word "kani" on the box (not very good with Kanji...), and the fact that it expired in two weeks. So, I grabbed several boxes of the free Kani-things, and couple of days later, I decided to use it.

And it was yummy!!

Hehe... one thing I love about J-groceries is that when they go on sale, they REALLY go on sale. On top of that, they'd rather give away their goods rather than let it all expire and go to waste. ^_^

And our lunch for that day looked like this:

more bento pics + recipeCollapse )

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I finally managed to get egg molds! [04 Sep 2006|06:58am]
Haha! I was at WalterMart yesterday to meet a buyer for our MTG cards whom I met via eBay. After completing the sale, I figured I'd drop by the grocery and get some supplies. As I was shopping, I decided to drop by their 88-peso houseware bin. I was considering getting a mini-teflon pan that had a flower-shaped mold (flowers... me... I know, I know...), and as I walked around the bin, there it was! The lone pair of egg molds, tucked away in the far corner and covered by other cooking implements. I put the pan back immediately and grabbed the molds, dusty packaging and all. Hehe...

I remember that I went hunting for that pair of egg molds once, and I visited three malls just to try to find it but went home empty-handed. That was months ago. Then, one day, there it was when I wasn't trying to find it! Just sitting there! Needless to say, I'm happy. ^_^

And here they are:

a couple of more egg mold pics + resulting eggsCollapse )

Hehe... I'm happy that my first attempts at egg-molding turned out okay, but I'm just a bit sorry that, well, the bunny's and the bear's ears are non-existent. Sigh. The one time that I only got large eggs, and not extra-large ones...

Anyway, I suppose it's not so bad. I still like the fact that at least the faces came out clearly (though my camera refuses to show them...)

I pack three bentos a day now. Two for my and my boyfriend's lunch (which we eat at the office) and one for my dinner (Lem is home by then since my shift starts later than his).

And here they areCollapse )


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Doggie-bento! [04 Sep 2006|06:53am]

Been busy lately. Been making bentos but haven't really managed to take snapshots. BUT... I just HAD to share my current favorite box...

How much is that doggie in the window?Collapse )

*aaaaaand, she's gone...*

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Delurking [18 Jul 2006|03:54pm]

Finally managed a bit of time to post again. Just a simple one. A repeat of my boyfriend's beloved bacon + asparagus. And some omelettes and kani. ^_^

4 pics under the cut and a different boxCollapse )

Gotta run again... @_@;;

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As inspired by Azumanga Daioh [12 Jun 2006|01:28pm]

In today's menu:
(lower section)
plain rice
asparagus wrapped in bacon
(upper section)
naruto slices
mixed vegetables
tonkatsu sauce
a couple of cocktail hotdogs
fried eggplant
not shown - a bed of shredded kani for the upper section.

Hehe... I've been meaning to try the asparagus-bacon thing since I first saw Chiyo-chan's bento in Azumanga Daioh some years back. I just got to do it now. XD

As usual, this bento comes in two versions. One for myself and another for my boyfriend. Mine is in the urara box.

same food in red urara boxCollapse )

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Too much rice! [08 Jun 2006|03:16pm]
One of my first few attempts at making onigiri and musubi (I didn't buy the musubi molds)... Earlier attempts were made away from a camera...

Hehe. One thing that I learned about bento-making is that if you make a mistake, you can always just eat it. XD

Just a small lunch for today.
Egg musubi and a bunch of snacks. Namely, choco pretzels which are covered by the bunny choco wafers. Dewberry cookies, and strawberry cream gummies.

The thing is that I made too much rice, so I had to use it all up. I had to use my extra large bento box and make more stuff. It's in the ref right now, waiting to be my dinner when I come home after work.

more pics + extra large bentoCollapse )

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bento 2 [07 Jun 2006|01:09pm]
Here's my second attempt at a bento, though I have to admit that it isn't much and it's still mostly fried stuff with not much effort involved.

For one thing, I've been kicking myself lately for two things:
- I forgot to buy sauce containers (I am sorely feeling the necessity for it now...)
- I forgot to buy divider/partitions/smaller cups (also sorely feeling the necessity for it now...)

and, tadah!

- I splurged on bento supplies but didn't buy food. *kicks self*

Sigh. Sometimes I miss living in my parents' house... at least the fridge was always stocked. ^_^;;;

And so we make do with more iceberg lettuce and tonkatsu sauce...

Todays lunch consists of rice with nori and cheese (hehe.... the slices aren't even...), curry korokke and kisu fry.

more pics + new chopsticksCollapse )

My boyfriend and I have also now sworn our allegiance to curry korokke.

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BentoLunch LJ community buttons [06 Jun 2006|04:05am]
I've got no new bentos to post just yet, but I figured I should contribute in any way.

So, I wanted some sort of button on my tanuki_no_bento LJ to announce that I was a member of this community, so I decided to make one. (this post ois xposted there, btw)

In any case, please just take this as my thank you to a wonderful community which inspired me to cook again and has been so amazingly fun. Here's my contribution. I hope someone out there likes it, and please feel free to take them. :p

set of 12 BentoLunch community buttonsCollapse )

Disclaimers: Images used in buttons were taken from lazy Google Image and PhotoBucket searhes for "onigiri" and "bento". I sincerely hope that I am not breaking any laws here... Photos used for bento9, bento10, bento11 and bento12 are pics of my own bentos.

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Bento 1 [04 Jun 2006|07:23pm]
After my last shopping trip, I told myself that I'd be putting the bentos to good use.

In any case, I tried it out, and I particularly enjoyed using the usagi cookie cutter.

K's first attempt after a year of almost-not-cooking! XD XD

On top:
White rice and Usagi-shaped Ma-ling (a local alternative to Spam).

Bottom: (L-R)
Crispy Ma-ling scraps (what's left after the Usagi has been cut out), kwek-kwek (local streetfood which is basically hard-boiled quail eggs that are dipped in a flour batter, then deep-fried) with tonkatsu sauce, and hotdog octopi. All on a bed of salted iceberg lettuce.

Nissin Choco wafers, Blueberry and Strawberry-flavored Dewberry cream cookies, Potchi sugared strawberry cream chews (sort of like gummis...)

I wish I remembered to draw faces on the Usagi cuts. The hotdogs are actually quadrupi since I got lazy and cut only 4 legs. XD XD

same food in a different bento for my boyfriendCollapse )

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Results of the shopping trip [03 Jun 2006|08:22pm]
Well, as stated in a former post, I went shopping for bento paraphernalia today. It was a pretty good haul, considering the tight budget, and I walked away happy. My one gripe is that I forgot to buy sauce containers and those paper cup-thingies and separators. Guess that'll have to wait for another day. Hehe...

And, here's the swag!

as Shown and numbered in this pic:
1 - lime green bento box with 2 partitions
2 - red bento box with black interior and removable dividers
3 - set of 3 mini-tupperware cases in blue, pink and white (for deserts)
4 - hobby box for storing bento supplies when not in use
5 - Urara bento box (red Usagi)
6 - Urara bento box (tan Sakura)
7 - Extra large bento box with permanent partition (for hungry boyfriends)
8 - a pair of onigiri molds (large and small)
9 - set of 3 onigiri molds (kuma, heart, star)
10 - furoshiki
11 - pair of Usagi cookie cutters
12 - bento bag (matches the Urara Sakura bento box)
13 - elastic band to match red Urara bento box
14 - elastic band to match tan Urara bento box

And all that for less than 1,300 pesos (around US$26.00?)

9 individual item pics under the cut. Hehe.Collapse )

I'll soon be putting these to good use. ^_^V

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Bento shopping list [02 Jun 2006|08:30pm]
Hi guys.

Since we moved in to our new apartment, I haven't had much time or energy to start cooking again. That is, until I found this community. The thing is, during the move, I had to get rid of stuff since we had no space for them at the time, and alas, it's just now that I've realized that all I have is that obento-bako in my first post. The rest have been sent to my parents' house and given away as presents to the neighborhood kids. T_T

So, I'm thinking of trekking out this weekend and arm myself properly (it's obvious that I just got my salary, ne? hehe...).

Any suggestions as to what I should buy or what I should buy first?

So far, I need to get a new bento box. That's a start. What next? Any suggestions as to where to get them?

my logistics, for those familiar with my areaCollapse )


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snack bento [31 May 2006|02:48pm]
I don't exactly have a well-stocked kitchen at the moment, AND I woke up late, so I had to make do with the random things I had in the fridge.

K's afternoon snack bento is composed of triangle cheese sandwiches with naruto (odd combination, I know...), chips on a bed of woven bread ears, and milk crackers. Sorry for the lack of color. I thought I still had some chocolate crinkles left, but apparently my boyfriend has eaten them all. Hehe. Oh well.

additional picsCollapse )

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